Saturday, March 29, 2014

Oh Canada

I have recently received my mission call to serve for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints in the beautiful Calgary Canada.
As I prepare for the day I depart I have come to understand better the meaning of self worth. I also am understanding The Great Plan of Happiness.
I have come to appreciate all that the Savior has done for me and all of His children here on Earth. We have been tutored and prepared for this life to bring those who love the Lord back into His presence. Earth is a necessary step in order to gain experience and gifts, like our bodies, that we wouldn't have been able to gain otherwise.
As I learn more I can't help but feel such gratitude for all I have been blessed with. With the Lord anything is possible.
I had dreams bigger then anything I knew. Very quickly I saw these dreams shatter and fall out of grasp, there was nothing I could do about it. I had absolutely tried everything in my power and people around me tried everything for me. I learned that's what is important. Is being surrounded by such love and service. Then I realized how indebted I am, and no matter what I do like trying to reach this dream of mine, no matter what I will never be able to do enough. That's how it is with the Lord. He has blessed me so much and no matter how much I serve, how much I progress and choose the right, it will never be enough. And you know what? It is OK. That's the plan. So everyday, every minute of our lives we keep trying, keep growing and the Lord will pick up the slack and all that you worked for every time you turned down wearing that immodest swimsuit, didn't go to that party, hung out with your parents and felt you had no friends. Every one of those times you TRIED will be worth it.
We need to remember, God doesn't make mistakes. It's people who make mistakes. And mistakes are made to learn and to become more like God.
"You should have seen the way He smiled the day that He made you."
You have a purpose. Fulfill it. Make sure your goals aren't on the world's standards, but set to the Lord's standards.
Just look around the Lord who made those beautiful mountains, the beautiful rivers and sunsets, that's the hand that created you as well.
Live up to your potential.
I will keep preparing to embark on my journey to this beautiful country. I am grateful for this life changing experience. I am grateful for all of the people and the experiences that have shaped me into who I am today. I hope somehow in some small way I can touch hearts with this knowledge and the testimony that I have.

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My senior year summed up in just a few pictures!

{All the Graduation announcements!}

{Memorial Day}

{-some- of Graduation}

{Jenga in seminary, we miss Lotta!}

{consequences of hitting barrels}

{Earned through the sweat, blood, and pain}

{This week at state my friend Halie came to watch me and we made a s'mookie}

So this week has been state rodeo, i have been practicing EVERY single day since January to try to make nationals my last chance EVER! 
I was pumped, i thought i had it in the bag. 
Districts went perfect for me i didn't tip one pole.
State has been a different story, i have seen all of my dreams get flushed down the toilet. 
I've felt like i have let everyone down, and really i don't have any idea what else i could have done. My horse have so much heart and worked perfectly, i went down swinging, i have nothing left in me that could have been put into those runs. I am so grateful to have the most amazing support team ever. Although i have been crying on many shoulders including my horses after reading this (thanks to my sister Ashley) it put things a little more into perspective. Maybe somebody else worked just as hard or harder then me, maybe it will be more of a benefit for their life then mine. or maybe, just maybe God is preparing me for bigger things ahead. It's hard to see the big picture sometimes and it's hard to see the blessings in the hard times. It's things like great family and friends that remind you that maybe you still are great and you still are loved even though you knocked a barrel over.

And it's being reassured over and over that helps to get you through because it is so easy to forget. 
So thank you everyone for being there for the talks, thoughts, hugs and the shoulders to cry on.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm feelin' it!

I decided to blog because I keep look at other people's blogs and I have become that friend at the bottom of the list! I want to be back on the top!
So I will tell you about all of the things that are making my stomach tighten and putting a little squeal in my throat!
numero uno -- I am going to be an AUNT in maybe a few days, maybe a week, but OH MYY!! i can't wait to meet that little cutie(:
dos -- PROM! I got a new cute dress, but sadly Nordini's website is not working at the moment so you will have to wait until I get pictures in it to see it!
{and i put this as 2 because i have 2 to go to!}
tres -- Rodeo TWO WEEKS FOLKS!!!!
And all this warm weather has just got me in the MOOD!
I hope you guys are enjoying these last weeks of school, summer or whatever y'all are up to!
'Til next time!
P.S. My lovely sister Alex and I went and watched the LORAX! Such a feel good!! Got spare time?? GO WATCH IT!! (:
P.S.S. Alex is so GORGEOUS I absolutely love spending time with her! Especially when LAUGHING and COCOA BEAN is involved!

Monday, January 30, 2012

So long...

Yes there has been quite a spill of absence i know, i know!
You are all just dying to
see what I post next!
Yes, well now that my dramatic silence has ended, I am going to say just visit here, here, and here
To see what I have been up to!
Then you will understand I promise!
For now I will give you a sneak peek to the excitement of what is to come!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October is here, ftt rear!

So did i ever tell you how much i love this time of year?
Its the time when the leaves start changing, harvest is almost complete and best of all.....
General Conference!

If you haven't been watching, listening or any mode of technology...
You are missing out!

Well I can't believe it is october folks can you believe it?
Its the month of all things spooky {honestly not my fav}
But its fun to have a reason to celebrate and shtuff.
Why i love Halloween, is cuz it just so happens to be the start of the holiday season folks!
And because I am a big fan of dressing up!

Well I will try to post more!
But until then enjoy the heat and sunshine while you can!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Looky looky!

I learned how to write my name in Japanese today!

Our exchanged student Marina Ono is on our cheer team,

And today we made signs!

The first one means "Fight!"

I bet you wish you knew how to write your name in japanese...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wrappin it up.

To wrap up my summer I decided to take a little vacay down to Utah.

I rode down with my brother-in-law Jordan and he was so proud because I didn't plug my headphones into my ears once! It really was an eventful drive we jammed to the oldies and we made pretty good time!Although we made Ashley believe we were running way late! Teehee:) We're so sneaky Jordan even fooled me!

Anways down in Utah we expeienced some amazing things such as J-Dawgs, 7 peaks {yes i mastered my fear and went down the three biggest slides}, Awful Waffle, I toured UVU and BYU's campuses {thanks to my seesters}, Paradise Bakery, and I went with Ashley to her back to school night! That week was a blast and a half! I didn't want to leave! The weather was lovely, and we just had a party the whole time, its rough stepping back into the real world

{while sitting in Ashley's desk at back to school night I sat reading Calvin and Hobbs and using up almost an entire pad of post its writing her notes}

{After 7 peaks}